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Steppin is a smooth, romantic, and sexy style of ballroom dance.  Steppin is creative and incorporates smooth moves, glides, strides, turns, and dips.  Steppin origins are linked to the Jitterbug (1930’s) and Bop (1960’s). The dance is performed to popular Soul, R & B and Jazz rhythms and has evolved into a culture of its own.  Steppin is an art-form which captivates people of all ages and ethnic groups; positively impacting both mental and physical well being.


Soul Line Dancing

Soul Line dancing is an art for where participants all simultaneously execute a choreographed dance to a song.  Soul LIne Dances are choregraphed utlizing mainstream and creative moves with urban, soul, jazz, blues, and hip-hop roots.  Dancers generally organize on the dance floor in line formations.  line dancing does not require a partner and is enjoyed by both male and female dancers.


The Electric Slide is the most populart Soul Line Dance which was created and popularized during the Disco Era of mid-1970's.  You will find the Electric Slide as a crowd staple at parties, receptions, night clubs, and family reunions.


A more recent crowd favorite has become The Wobble line dance.  The Wobble has more modern R&B Soul, Hip-Hop roots and is poised to be crowned the favorit New Skool line dance.


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